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To the Editor
Jack Illingworth [in "A Duologue on the Notorious D.H.", Nov./Dec.1998] read our minds, that's exactly what No One Else is Lawrence! is about: an appreciation of Lawrence. I was much afeard reviewers would accuse Doug [Beardsley] and me of burbling-of which I admit there is a modicum. Thanks, Jack, for being so naturally perceptive, and seeming to know exactly what was in our minds.

Al Purdy, Vancouver

One of my students handed me a copy of the Nov./Dec. 1998 issue of Books in Canada. It turned out to be a delectible literary treat, a box-anthology of truffled chocolates individually wrapped in wit, eloquence and style. Scanning the hand select list of authors and reviewers, I realised that there would be something for every taste and palate. There was a cluster of children's books, exotic and ethereal poems by Ondaatje, darkly flavoured passages from Kulyk-Keefer's past and crisp interviews with Kapuscinski compiled and written by Marek Kusiba. A wonderful selection of views, reviews and interviews.

I will not keep the profit of pleasure for myself in having read your magazine. There are several reviews that I would like to share with my grade 8 students, "How the media describes the world", for example. It will work nicely with their project on second and third world countries. (This is your future readership.) I express gratitude with a subscription to your delightful and informative publication.

B.I. Fedyna, Toronto

The Nov./Dec. 1998 issue of Books in Canada was an excellent one. It has the character of the New York Review of Books from years ago. Marek Kusiba's piece on Kapuscinski was wonderful. It had some effect on my friends at the school who have become very interested in Kapuscinski. I have already lent out all of my Kapuscinski-as well as Schulz and Gombrowicz.

George Wróbel, Toronto


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