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Student Writing Awards

1993 Student Writing Awards for Poetry and Short Fiction


1st: Mike Dormuth

2nd: Robin Kelsey

3rd: Kira Vernond


Tim Rogers

Sandeep Panesar


1st: Chantel Lavoie

2nd: Mark Bobesich

3rd: Golda Fried


Chris Kocela

Jack Wang

YOU KEPT those stories and poems coming, from every corner of the country and most of its universities and community colleges, and year three of the contest was just as successful as the first two. Making it all possible were: the Book City chain of bookstores in Toronto, without whose generous support there would have been no awards; our final judges, George Galt, Elisabeth Harvor, and Libby Scheier, all producers as well as teachers of creative writing; and the staff of Books in Canada, who handled the practical details with their customary efficiency. Our sincere thanks to everyone involved, along with a reminder to watch these pages for news of next year's contest.

Mike Dormuth, 30, attends the University of Regina's faculty of education, where he is majoring in English with a social studies minor. Born and raised in Regina he has been writing prose and poetry for the past 12 years. His interests include darts-throwing and helping to coach high school football. After graduation he plans to pursue a career as a high school teacher.


Chantel Lavoie 23 is studying English literature at the University of Ottawa. She was born and raised in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, and has previously published work in the Saskatchewan high school literary and visual arts magazine Windscript and the newsletter of the English Students' Association at the University of Ottawa, Wordsworth. She plans to acquire `an education that overqualifies me for almost everything.'


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