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Mistaken Identity
by Susan Crean

I GUESS I should be grateful that Norman Snider mentioned my name at all in his omnibus review of three anthologies of articles on the free trade deal (November). In discussing "The Free Trade Deal," edited by Duncan Cameron, Snider writes "One of (Daniel) Drache's more interesting points is that Toronto under free trade will become more important to North America but less important to other Canadians." The comment was actually mine in my piece, "Reading Between the Lies: Culture and the Free?Trade Agreement," as part of my analysis of how markets will be restructured along regional lines across the continent and how the deal therefore signals the defeat of the idea of a nation?wide market in books and everything else. Interesting how some critics, when they come upon an interesting comment by a woman, will ascribe it to the nearest man.

Susan Crean


Norman Snider replies.

MS. CREAN is right: I misattributed her point to Daniel Drache. I apologize.


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