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Children's Books
by Jeffrey Canton

This month, Books in Canada salutes all the authors, illustrators and storytellers who participated in the largest cross-country book tour of its kind in celebration of Canadian children's books, the 26th annual TDCanadian Children's Book Week. From November 2nd through 9th, they journey into the lives of their young fans from coast-to-coast. It should make us proud to be able to introduce young readers in every province and territory to such a dazzling exciting array of talent¨from illustrator Stephane Jorisch of Quebec visiting Newfoundland, to YA author Gillian Chan, a resident of southwest Ontario, (who is also a BiC reviewer) flying to British Columbia, Newfoundland's Joan Clark trekking to Saskatchewan, to BC's Ellen Schwartz touring Quebec. It's a wonderful way to begin November, especially with several of this year's Governor General's Award nominees participating in the event.

Speaking of the GG's¨congratulations to the nominees:

˛ Martha Brooks for True Confessions of a Heartless
Girl (Groundwood)
˛ Alan Cumyn for The Secret Life of Owen Skye
˛ Deborah Ellis for Parvana's Journey (Groundwood)
˛ John Lekich for The Losers' Club (Annick Press)
˛ Karen Levine for Hana's Suitcase (Second Story Press)

For illustration:
˛ Wallace Edwards for Alphabests (Kids Can Press)
˛ Brian Deines for Dragonfly Kites by Thomson
Highway (HarperCollins Canada)
˛ Marie-Louise Gay for Stella, Fairy of the Forest
˛ Roge for When Pigs Fly by Valerie Coulman
(Lobster Press)
˛ Janie Jaehyun Park for The Tiger and the Dried
Persimmon (Groundwood).

BiC has reviewed all but one of the fiction nominees and will be reviewing the books nominated for illustration in the December issue. It's a great list and we can't wait to see whose books are chosen!!!

Jeffrey Canton
Editor, Children's Book Section, Books in Canada


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