Canada, Landscape of Dreams

by Roberta Bondar
110 pages,
ISBN: 1550549588

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Gift Books Editor's Pick. Photography
by Olga Stein

Roberta Bondar was the first Canadian woman astronaut to fly aboard the space shuttle Discovery. She is a neurologist, a scientist and pilot, and with this book she proves she's an excellent photographer. She captures scene after breath-taking scene in this book about the natural beauty of Canada. Facing each full-page photo there's a quote from a recognized artist, writer, musician or otherwise distinguished person, but the quotes are completely upstaged by the magnificent images. There is the seashore of Prince Edward Island National Park in summer, with its brown-red floor of sand and rock, the sandy beach of the Pacific Rim National Park (BC), on a misty morning, with it vague backdrop of mountains. Waves crash against the rocky coast of Cape Breton Island National Park (NS), with seagulls circling overhead. Other-worldly, mushroom-shaped stones comprise a scene in Alberta's Dinosaur Provincial Park. There are white mountains whose mist-shrouded tips disappear into the cloud-filled heavens while deep blue lakes or rivers spread out below. Elsewhere trees, green or in a medley of fall colours, guard edges of lakes or coastlines. Every photo offers a distinct and beautiful view of Canada.


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