Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3

by Bill Martin Jr, Michael Sampson
ISBN: 0689858817

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A Review of: Chicka Chicka 123
by Olga Stein

I may never have considered reviewing this book had my 6-year old not shown such great enthusiasm for it. Reading the book to her, I understood what the fuss was about. The bright large shapes of the numbers in action as they climb the number tree, and the catchy beat of the rhyming text-at times quite clever: "50's fine/and 60's dandy./70's hair/is long and sandy"-make this more than just a book aiming to teach young readers to count. There's a miniature plot built in around the zero. As the other numbers climb up, first by one's, then by ten's, Zero wonders whether there'll be a place for it on the tree as well. Ultimately, brave Zero defies the angry bees, which have caused the other numbers to tumble out of the tree-with an orderly descent that teaches a backwards count-and finds a perfect place by joining with Ten. Kids will want to read this delightful book again and again.

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