White Man's Cotton

by Randy W Somerton
ISBN: 1894377060

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A Review of: White ManĘs Cotton
by W.P. Kinsella

For what it is, a bloody, crime-adventure story, it is not bad. The telling is like a lout screaming at you. There is little literary merit, and quite bit of the dialogue is like chunks of concrete falling from the characters' mouths. However, the novel's saving grace is that to my knowledge the concept is unique.
A group of wealthy black men unite to create a society called White Mans Cotton, to take retribution for the appalling evils inflicted on black people. They have a huge man known only as The Catcher, who kidnaps selected individuals who have been exceptionally cruel toward black people: a family of KKK, a vicious cop, a lawyer who got a virulent murderer of a black off on a technicality.
The "slaves" are carried to an island in the Indian Ocean where they are introduced to forced labor and where every indignity known to man is inflicted on them. Be assured that in the end justice more or less triumphs. I can't help but feel that this would make a terrific movie, perhaps starring Nicholas Cage, as the gritty undercover officer who helps crack the case.

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