When I Was Little

by Jamie Lee Curtis
ISBN: 0590124714

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A Review of: Whe I Was Little: A Four-Year-OldĘs Memoir of Her Youth
by Olga Stein

Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born taps into every child's curiosity about her arrival in the world. Told as a child's imaginative reconstruction of how she began life with her parents, the story cleverly combines truth and exaggeration in the recounting of events which culminate in the adoption of a baby girl. A couple receives a call during the night. They take a plane immediately, and arrive in a hospital to receive their new daughter. It's a familiar story but with a tiny twist. The twist is tiny because the couple's nervous excitement at the prospect of meeting their child, their instant love affair with the baby-"Tell me again how tiny and perfect I was...Tell me again about the first time you held me in your arms and called me your baby sweet. Tell me again how you cried happy tears"-is in essence no different from any other story of happy beginnings. The text conveys this perfectly: "Tell me again about the first night you were my mommy and you sang the lullaby your mommy sang to you...Tell me again about our first night as a family." Laura Cornell's illustrations are funny and moving, and couldn't be better suited to this moving tale.

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