A Love Supreme

by Kent Nussey
ISBN: 1894469119

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A Review of: A Love Supreme
by W.P. Kinsella

A Love Supreme might in another era have been called an existential novel. The term describing the works of Camus, Beckett, Sartre and others seems to have fallen by the wayside. Here we have a youngish man (about 40 years of age) named Omar Snow who is writing a nonfiction book about jazz legends Monk, Mingus and Coltrane. He has sold his car and computer so he can hole up in a room and write his book on a typewriter, which is certainly fantasy if not science fiction. He is introduced to a neighbor, an attractive actress pushing 40, who is flighty and drinks too much. They have occasional dates but nothing develops between them. In fact nothing much develops anywhere. At the end Snow's book is still unfinished, his personal life a zero, but he's giving a great deal of thought to life, love and existence in general. Capably written, but just not very interesting.

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