Tell me again about the night I was born

by Jamie Lee Curtis
ISBN: 0590038397

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A Review of: Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born
by Olga Stein

This is a delightful book for little people four to six years of age. The book don't merely tell a story-instead it holds up a colourful, zany and happy mirror to any child developing an awareness of herself, her own growth, her place within a family and the world beyond the home. When I Was Little portrays a little girl describing how things are different now that she is four. With her baby sister always close by-at the breakfast table, sharing a bath or a ride in the car-the four-year-old has many opportunities for making comparisons. She feels like a big girl and lists all the things she gets to do and is capable of doing that her baby sister doesn't and cannot. The charming thing about the book is how effectively it speaks on two levels-to the listening child and the reading parent. While a child can relate to the girl's sense of personal growth and development, the parent can reflect on how sweet, funny and little a four-year-old still is. Laural Cornell brings the characters to life with her playful and witty watercolour illustrations.

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