101 Top Historical Sites of Cuba

by Alan Twigg
ISBN: 0888784406

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A Review of: 101 Top Historical Sites Of Cuba
by Greg Gatenby

A much more accessible history has just been published by Alan Twigg, for some decades now the pre-eminent chronicler of literary British Columbia, and increasingly of climes somewhat warmer. Five years ago he issued Cuba: A Concise History For Travellers, a straightforward account with a strong emphasis on the years of the Fidel junta, aimed, I suppose, at the thousands of Canadians headed for the beaches of Varadero. Now he has given us a richer book, 101 Top Historical Sites Of Cuba-richer because it covers the entire island, including the remotest spots, and manages to tell the history of the island through its shrines and locales sacred and profane. In fact, one learns as much or more about Cuban history from this newer title than from its predecessor. Since the earlier book was published, Castro has shown himself to be more merciless than ever as a dictator, crushing dissent with a ferocity worthy of Stalin, and it is to Twigg's credit that while he handily conveys his love for Cuba and its people he does not shy away from citing the political oppression of human rights and free speech which is now as pervasive as the humidity and the heat.

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