Kameleon Man

by Kim Barry Brunhuber
ISBN: 0888784430

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A Review of: Kameleon Man
by W.P. Kinsella

Kameleon Man is the story of Stacey Schmidt, the child of a white mother and black father. He gets into modeling in Nepean, a bedroom community outside Ottawa, where he is suddenly "discovered," and hurled into the topsy-turvy world of high fashion modeling in Toronto. He rooms with a few other black or mixed-race models, and their dialogue, while discussing the perils of being black in a white world, is crisp, clear, ironic and humorous. The problem is that Stacey's heart is not really into modeling, even though the money is generous, and his prospects appear unlimited. He tries out to be the new Kameleon Man, the model for a German jeans manufacturer; if he gets it he will be propelled to the very top of the modeling world. He does get it. But then the novel takes off on a tangent and loses credibility as Stacey become involved in smuggling drugs, and ends up in Spain unable to return to Germany to be the Kameleon Man. He thinks he may want to be a photographer, and a mixed-media artist uses some of his photos, though it isn't clear whether they are used because they are good or because the artist is sexually attracted to Stacey. Brunhuber shows considerable promise, and his next novel will be eagerly awaited.

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