An Alien in My House

by Shenaaz Nanji
ISBN: 1896764770

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An Alien in My House
by Olga Stein

Ben's elderly grandfather has just moved in. Ben thinks of him as an alien. His body comes apart-his teeth come out and his hair comes off. He makes lots of noise when he breathes, and he needs a button in his ear to hear what is being said to him. He eats only green food-peas, broccoli, and spinach, and he takes many pills. At the same time, Ben's grandfather is convinced he has moved in with a monster. He tells his friends about Ben's bad habits: The kid doesn't stop talking. His room is always a mess. He forgets to clean it but demands a reward nonetheless, and he wants only junk food to eat. But after living together in the same house, both the alien and the monster start liking one another. Ben tells his friends how much he enjoys the Alien's war-time stories and how proud he is of the Alien's war medals. The Alien even gives Ben a ride in his wheel chair to soccer practice. Meanwhile, the Alien now boasts to his friends about how smart the monster is-how Ben taught him to play games on the computer and how he helps him find the things he has misplaced around the house. Both the Monster and the Alien are now envied by their friends as both unexpectedly find comfort and affection in each other's company.
An Alien in my House is heart-warming with wonderfully quirky illustrations by Chum McLeod.

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