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Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121-180 CE) was born to an aristocratic Roman family before becoming the adopted heir to Emperor Antoninus Pius in 139. Weary of sophistry and with a penchant for truth-telling--Emperor Hadrian called him Verissimus--the young Marcus turned from the study of rhetoric to philosophy in 145, influenced primarily by the Stoics, Cato and Junius Rusticus. Serving first as co-emperor with Antoninus Pius, he became sole emperor in 161, preferring study to the political life. In 167, Marcus wrote The Meditations [DOC], the last work of classical [A] Stoicism. In spite of a strong distaste for violence, he ordered the persecution of Christians in Lyons and Vienne for a brief period in 177. He died while away on a military expedition in 180.



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