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Nikolai Berdiaev was born March 6, 1874 and died March 23, 1948. He was a religious thinker and a philosopher. At first, when he was in school at Kiev University in 1894, he believed in Marxism, but changed his views later in life. He still believed in Marxism, in that man could improve his lot, but he was against the violence and crimes of the Soviet order. His main philosophy was Christian Existentialism, which stressed the examination of the human condition under a Christian framework. It was a philosophy of freedom and personality. Its basic concepts were of creativity and nothingness. He wrote in an unsystematic and mystical method in over twenty books and many articles. He preferred this to using logic and rationality. He believed that truth was not from a rational search but from "a light which breaks through from the transcendent world of the spirit." His philosophy believed that man's greatness was his share in the world from the spirit. He believed that man's creativity enabled him to find truth. He was influenced by philosophers such as Schopenhaur, Hegel, Marx, and Nietzsche.

Berdiaev studied at Kiev University in 1894, and while he was there, he was involved in Marxist activities that in 1899 led to a three years exile to Volgada(northern Russia). When his sentence was finished he traveled through Germany and came back to Russia in 1904. The city he came back to was St. Petersburg, and he took part in a large cultural and religious revival while he was there. In 1907 he moved to Moscow and joined the Russian Orthodox Church. He criticized the Holy Synod in an article and was tried for it in 1914. His case was dropped in 1917 at the start of the Russian Revolution. He became a professor at Moscow University in 1920. He lost his job and was exiled again in 1922 for not agreeing with Orthodox Marxism. Other expelled people joined him in Berlin and they founded the Academy of Philosophy. In 1924 he moved the Aacadamy to Paris. He continued to write books until his death in 1948.



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