Author: Andrew Pyper

Sep 1999
Lost Girls
by Andrew Pyper,

pages $27 TC
ISBN: 0002255022
Lloyd What Happened
by Stanley Bing,

pages $15 TP
ISBN: 0375705643
Crossing the Distance
by Evan Solomon,

pages $0 TC
ISBN: 0771081510
206 pages $18.99
ISBN: 0889242879
Briefly a Candle
236 pages $18.95
ISBN: 0968479200
The Embrace
by Irene Guilford,

150 pages $15 TC
ISBN: 1550710869
The Family Man
by Stephen Zeifman,

160 pages $19.95 TC
ISBN: 1550962485
Before the Flood
235 pages $21.95
ISBN: 1896951120

First Novels - Crossing the Uncompassed Landscape of Human Affairs
by Diana Brebner
When publishers drop big money and hard covers on first novels, it's hard not to be impressed by their efforts. I suspect that, behind the glitz and bravado, the publishers know that the book-buying reader is the difficult, final judge ... Read more...
Nov 2002
The Trade Mission
by Andrew Pyper

293 pages $34.95 cloth
ISBN: 0002005085
DreadfulWater Shows Up
by Hartley GoodWeather

Harper Flamingo Canada
234 pages $32 cloth
ISBN: 0002005107
That Sleep Of Death
by Richard King

304 pages $11.99 paper
ISBN: 0888822294
Death on the Rocks
by Eric Wright

271 pages $19.99 paper
ISBN: 1550023810
by Don Atkinson

232 pages $26.74 paper
ISBN: 1552126811
The Holy
by Daniel Quinn

Context Books
419 pages $24 paper
ISBN: 189395630X
Heads You Lose
by Martin S. Cohen

Ekstasis Noir
314 pages $19.95 paper
ISBN: 1896860931

Mysteries and Thrillers
by Robert Allen Papinchak
Amateur detective Sam Wiseman seems to have the perfect day job for investigative talents in Richard King's engaging first novel, That Sleep Of Death (Dundurn, 304 pages, $11.99, paper, ISBN: 0888822294). Sam sells books in the vicinity of McGill University. A good bookseller appears to have the same skills as a good detectiveł "clever questioning, an ability to absorb and retain details about lots of different books, intuition, and sometimes inspired guesswork. Read more...

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