Author: Anne Michaels

JunJulAug 1996
Fugitive Pieces
by Anne Michaels,

324 pages $19.99 TP
ISBN: 0771058837

First Novels - Fashion, Sharks, and Anger
by Eva Tihanyi
But in Fugitive Pieces (McClelland & Stewart, 320 pages, $19.99 paper), Anne Michaels alchemizes anger into art. She tells the story of Jakob Beer who survived the Nazi massacre of his family in Poland when he was seven but, at the age Read more...
Oct 1999
Skin Divers
by Anne Michaels,

pages $0 TP
ISBN: 0771058799

Diving Deeper into Mystery
by Eva Tihanyi
No matter how private the impetus for a poem might be, Michaels continually aims to reach beyond her own subjectivity, to project it onto the screen of history, of humanity as a whole. In her work, the personal is scrupulously contextual. Read more...

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