Author: Clark Blaise

Dec 1992
Man & His World
by Clark Blaise,

pages $12.95 PF
ISBN: 0889841489

Quality of Desperation
by Joel Yanofsky
This hasn't been a good decade for white males, not so far anyway. The dead ones -- like Christopher Columbus -- have been reassessed and found wanting, recalled like defective Pintos. Read more...
Aug 2002
Pittsburgh Stories Selected Stories: 2 Introduction by Robert Boyers
by Clark Blaise

The Porcupine's Quill
142 pages $18.95 paper
ISBN: 0889842272

Childhood in Pittsburgh
by Leanne D'Antoni
Written over four decades, Pittsburgh Stories, is the second in a projected four-volume set of Clark Blaise's selected short stories. Set largely during the forties and fifties, these nine stories, with one exception, are reminiscences about a distant Pittsburgh adolescence. The previous and inaugural collection in the series, Southern Stories, was also unified by one locale. Blaise's prowess as a writer is evident from the outset. Read more...
Jul 2001
Time Lord: Sir Sanford Fleming and the Creation of Standard Time
by Clark Blaise

Pantheon Books
256 pages $34.95 cloth
ISBN: 0676972527

Setting Standards for Time: Science or Imperialism?
by Kildare Dobbs
Several popular studies in the history of ideas and technology have appeared recently, notably Dava Sobel's Longitude and E=mc2, a brilliant account of Einstein's famous equation and its consequences by David Bodanis. Now comes a freewheeling portrait of the Canadian engineer, Sandford Fleming, and his work in establishing the modern system of standardized times and time zones. Read more...

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