Author: Diane Schoemperlen

Sep 1998
Forms of Devotion Stories & Pictures
by Diane Schoemperlen,

Viking Penguin
223 pages $25 TC
ISBN: 0670876968

Engraving Stories
by Nikki Abraham
You know how a really great jazz musician can take an old tune and play with it-twist it, bend it, loop it back on itself, turn it upside down, appear to abandon it completely and then, with a sly flourish, return it to you fresh, new, still itself but Read more...
May 1990
The Man Of My Dreams
by Diane Schoemperlen

243 pages $16.95
ISBN: 0771599730

Souvenirs Of The Future
by Dayv James-French
DIANE SCHOEMPERLEN employs an astonishing range of narrative techniques in the 14 stories of her fourth book. The complications of romance and reality are deftly played our in startlingly original constructions, from subtle variations on traditional realism to a check-list that duplicates the Cosmopolitan-simple language of a self help questionnaire. Her control appears effortless. Her energy carries the reader into each new territory; theres no homesickness for the familiar. Read more...
Jul 2001
Our Lady of the Lost and Found
by Diane Schoemperlen

Harper Collins Canada
349 pages $32 cloth
ISBN: 0002255103

Holy Mother Arrives
by Nikki Abraham
Diane Schoemperlen has written an uncategorizable book, which makes it difficult to review because all the usual comparisons are unavailable. Of course if you like, as I do, to have a writer take you by the hand and lead you down paths you did not know were there, then this may be your kind of book. The story takes place in the present, in a nondescript mid-sized North American city. Read more...
Nov 2002
Red Plaid Shirt: Stories New & Selected
by Diane Schoemperlen

310 pages $29.95 cloth
ISBN: 0002005182

Your Red Plaid Shirt
by K. Gordon Neufeld
"If a story is not to be about love, then I think it must be about fear." These are the opening words of "The Look of the Lightning, the Sound of the Birds", one of 21 stories in Diane Shoemperlen's meaty new collection. Indeed, many of this author's stories are about love, but fear and insecurity are rarely absent, though masked by a dry and supple wit. Read more...

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