Author: Jeffrey Simpson

Oct 1993
Faultlines Struggling for a Canadian Vision
by Jeffrey Simpson,

pages $26.95 TC
ISBN: 0002157950

Culture of Crankiness
by Clive Cocking
Surprisingly for a journalist, Simpson writes with a kind of meandering verbosity and repetitiveness that frequently leaves the reader asking: "What's the point?" Read more...
JanFeb 2002
The Friendly Dictatorship
by Jeffrey Simpson

McClelland & Stewart
238 pages $32.99 cloth
ISBN: 0771080786

A One-Party Affair
by Mark Wegierski
In this book, Jeffrey Simpson treads cautiously over ground first broken by others. Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan, for instance, wrote a cover article for The Next City (Winter 1996/97) titled "Our benign dictatorship: Can Canada avoid a second century of Liberal rule?" Before discussing the work as a whole, I'd like to touch on the book's various chapters. In the first chapter, "Prime-Ministerial Government," Simpson examines the various formal and informal aspects of the system. Read more...

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