Author: John Steffler

Dec 2003
by John Steffler

Vehicule $16 Paperback
ISBN: 1550651609

A Review of: Helix: New and Selected Poems
by Robert Moore
In "Saint Laurence's Tears", the first poem in John Steffler's Helix: New and Selected Poems, the speaker and his sister are remembered lying on their backs on "the August earth of Ontario" looking up into the night sky. From this premise Steffler proceeds to develop a lyrical meditation on time and place as categories of being, on the immanence of death, and on the role played by the past-both private and social history-as the nominal seat of identity. Situating itself at the vanishing point in a complex field of forces, the poem uses the "star-showering night" to mirror the "ocean of loam so many had sailed ... Read more...

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