Author: Karleen Bradford

Dec 1996
Shadows on a Sword The Second Book of the Crusades
by Karleen Bradford,

144 pages $14 TP
ISBN: 0006481086

Children`s Books
by Susan Charron
It is 1096, at the time of the First Crusade. The young hero, Theobald, is off to liberate Jerusalem from the Turks. He has just been knighted, and is honourable, loyal, and courageous. Other main characters are Amalric, another young knight, and Emma, Read more...
Nov 1992
by Margaret Smith,

pages $14.95 CT
ISBN: 0029540968
by Paul Kropp,

pages $12.35 PT
ISBN: 0029541379
Anna Veryha
by Kupchenko-Fr,

pages $12.35 PT
ISBN: 0029541387
In Such a Place
by Lynne Fairbridge,

144 pages $13.5 TP
ISBN: 0385253745
There Will Be Wolves
by Karleen Bradford,

Dutton Children's Books
208 pages $15.99 TP
ISBN: 0525675396
Jack's Back
by Norah McClintock,

pages $4.5 MM
ISBN: 0590743503
Fish House Secrets
by Kathy Stinson,

160 pages $16 TP
ISBN: 0920633919
Justice for Julie A Story of the Sueprnatural
by Barbara A. Lane,

154 pages $10.95 TP
ISBN: 0921692315
My Mother's Ghost
by Margaret Buffie,

224 pages $4.95 MM
ISBN: 1550740911

Children's Books - Live and Learn
by Pat Barclay
All nine novels are competently written. Attention has been paid to the development of reasonably rounded characters. Inner and outer conflicts abound and each novel has some distinguishing features that make it special. Read more...
May 2002
Footsteps in the Snow: The Red River Diary of Isobel Scott Dear Canada series
by Carol Matas

Scholastic Canada
185 pages $12.99 cloth
ISBN: 0439988357
With Nothing But Our Courage: The Loyalist Diary of Mary MacDonald
by Karleen Bradford

Dear Canada series, Scholastic Canada
221 pages $12.99 cloth
ISBN: 0439989795

Children's Books
by Karen Krossing
Award-winning authors Karleen Bradford and Carol Matas have written the latest in the Dear Canada series of fictional diaries, which began last year with Sarah Ellis's Prairie as Wide as the Sea and Jean Little's Orphan at My Door. Each of these beautiful imitation diaries includes a ribbon bookmark and historical notes and photos. Read more...
Jul 2001
Whisperings of Magic
by Karleen Bradford

184 pages $14 trade paperback
ISBN: 0006485758
by William Bell

Doubleday Canada
218 pages $16.95 trade paperback
ISBN: 038565829X
The War Within
by Carol Matas

Scholastic Canada
152 pages $18.99 cloth
ISBN: 0439988101
The Gramma War
by Kristen Butcher

Orca Book Publishers
170 pages $8.95 trade paperback
ISBN: 1551431831
In the Clear
by Anne Laurel Carter

Orca Book Publishers
138 pages $8.95 trade paperback
ISBN: 1551431920

Children's Books
by Jeffrey Canton
2001 looks to be yet another exciting year for children's books in Canada with exciting new offerings by William Bell, Karleen Bradford and Carol Matas among the new spring fiction releases as well as new picture books by Ludmila Zeman, Veronika Martenova Charles and Mireille Levert. Read more...
Dec 2004
by Karleen Bradford

Harper Collins Canada $15.99 Paperback
ISBN: 0006393438

A Review of: Angeline
by O.R. Melling
The title and theme immediately put me in mind of the Angelique books which my friends and I read avidly (and surreptitiously) in high school. Though not of the same racy nature, this works the same territory of historical fiction with an exotic setting, romantic tone, and compelling characters. You know it's a good story when you forsake the day's tasks and curl up on the sofa to read till you are finished. Both my teen reader and I fell under its spell. One is immediately drawn into the book and sympathetic to Angeline as she stands on the block in an Egyptian slave market, after ... Read more...

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