Author: Kim Echlin

Apr 1997
Elephant Winter
by Kim Echlin,

208 pages $13.99 TP
ISBN: 0140263500

First Novels - Ontarian Safari
by Eva Tihanyi
Kim Echlin's Elephant Winter (Penguin/Viking, 208 pages, $25 cloth) is an original, emotionally resonant novel. Sophie Walker, the narrator, is back home from Africa; her forty-nine-year-old artist mother, who is dying of cancer, has asked Read more...
Oct 2004
Elizabeth Smart: A Fugue Essay on Women and Creativity
by Kim Echlin

Women's Press $18.81 Paperback
ISBN: 0889614423

A Review of: Elizabeth Smart: A Fugue Essay on Women and Creativity
by Clara Thomas
Far from a conventional biography of the woman whose life so fascinates generations of Canadians, Kim Echlin's Elizabeth Smart combines her own experience and her subject's. The work is Echlin's manifesto to creativity, biological as well as artistic, and to one woman who dared to live and explore her own needs outside the boundaries of acceptable social practice. "She left her home in Ottawa, lived with artists in France and Mexico, had four babies with a British poet. She never married. She created a self-exile in England during the Second World War, supported her ... Read more...

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