Author: Linda Spalding

JunJulAug 1999
The Follow
by Linda Spalding,

240 pages $29.95 TC
ISBN: 1550139290

Brief Reviews - Anthropology
by Eva Tihanyi
Linda Spalding, best known as a novelist (The Paper Wife and Daughters of Captain Cook) and editor of the literary journal, Brick, has written a new book that is at once deeply personal and universally relevant. Read more...
JanFeb 1992
Brick Reader Writers on Writing
by Linda Spalding,

Consortium Book Sales & Distribution
pages $16.95 PT
ISBN: 0889104220

Brief Reviews - Non-Fiction
by Keith Nickson
A few selections are too thin to merit inclusion. Alberto Manguel's brief memoir of Borges reads like a leftover from a literary machine always working overtime. Read more...
Sep 2006
Who Named the Knife: a Book of Murder and Memory
by Linda Spalding

McClelland & Stewart
304 pages $32.99 cloth
ISBN: 077108224X

Converging Lives
by Nancy Fischer
I used to know a fellow whose grandparents missed the Titanic. To their brief chagrin, some connecting conveyance failed to deliver them onto that doomed boat failed. Happily, their bad luck is why he was around to tell us that story. We all know tales like this one, and we love to share them. They are occasional proof of something that's usually invisible: every event, however trifling, may prevent or enable other, more significant events. Read more...

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