Author: Matt Cohen

JanFeb 1995
Invisible Man at the Window
by Monique Proulx, Matt Cohen,

160 pages $16.95 TP
ISBN: 1550541714

All about Love
by Eileen Manion
Almost to the end of the novel, Monique Proulx maintains some of the suspense she builds up concerning the interrelationships of her characters. I read it with the intense commitment and absorption of a whodunit. Read more...
Nov 1990
Emotional Arithmetic
by Matt Cohen

Lester & Orpen Dennys
256 pages $24.95
ISBN: 0886193621

Sums Of Love
by Keith Garebian
THERE ARE GENERAL LINKS between this novel and Matt Cohen`s earlier ones -- madness, a constant interpenetration of past and present, inversions of customary romance, and a character who, as it turns out, was the eponymous heroine of Nadine (1986) and here acts as an ironic catalyst in the background. But Emotional Arithmetic is quite unlike any of his earlier fictions. Read more...
Dec 1993
Voix Paralleles (Parallel Voices)
by Andre Carpentier, Matt Cohen

Quarry/XYZ editeur
249 pages $23.95 paper
ISBN: 2892610761

Brief Reviews
by David Homel
ONEOF THOSE rare bilingual/biculturalexperiments that produce not just goodwill, but good results as well, ParallelVoices/Voix paralleles (Quarry/XYZ editeur, 249 pages, $23.95 paper) is acollection of English-Canadian and quebecois writers of shortfiction, paired together, who read and translate each other. Sounds like aproject hatched in a barroom, right? Indeed, it was, as the editors Matt Cohenand Andre Carpentier happily admit in their introduction. Read more...
JanFeb 1987
Evening Games Chronicles of Parents and Children
by Alberto Manguel

861 pages $9.95 paper
ISBN: 0140077138
Intimate Strangers New Stories from Quebec
by Matt Cohen, Wayne Grady

219 pages $88.95 paper
ISBN: 0140079580

Children of the world
by I.M. Owen
Alberto Manguel has apparently read everything, which gives him an unfair advantage over other anthologists. This latest book contains one story apiece from 16 writers, 10 of whom were completely unknown to me till now. Five of the 16 are American: two Canadian, two English, two Argentine, and one each Hungarian, Swedish, Danish, Italian, and Swiss. The theme of the anthology is the bond - or the lack of it - between parents and their children. Read more...

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