Author: Michael Redhill

SepOct 2001
Generica: A novel
by Will Ferguson

309 pages $24 paper
ISBN: 014029984X
Martin Sloane
by Michael Redhill

Doubleday Canada
280 pages $29.95 paper
ISBN: 0385259220
Canterbury Beach
by Anne Simpson

309 pages
ISBN: 0670894842
All Worldly Pursuits
by Hillel Wright

New Orphic Publishers
197 pages $20 paper
ISBN: 0968731767
Flying in Silence
by Gerry Turcotte

Cormorant Books
309 pages $19.95 paper
ISBN: 1896951279

First Novels
by W.P Kinsella
All Worldly Pursuits. by Hillel Wright, (New Orphic Publishers, 197 pages, $20.00, ISBN: 0968731767) is an autobiographical novel tempered by imagination. With luminous and articulate writing Wright tells the story of Wiley Moon, a world traveler with the wanderlust of his immigrant Jewish ancestors who escaped to America to avoid persecution. In the psychedelic Sixties Wiley meets and marries Crystal; they have four children and experiment with a back-to-the-earth lifestyle. Read more...
Jul 2001
Martin Sloane
by Michael Redhill

Doubleday Canada
280 pages $29.95 paper
ISBN: 0385259220

Tiny worlds inside boxes: The Art of Martin Sloane
by Nancy Wigston
Poet and playwright Michael Redhill's first novel seems destined to become a small classic, one of those books handed from friend to friend. Read more...
Dec 2006
by Michael Redhill

Doubleday Canada
474 pages $32.95 cloth
ISBN: 0385659504

Consoling Discoveries
by Nicholas Maes
Historical fiction can be a problematic genre. Either the historical component is so overwhelming that readers are left wondering why they didn't start with pure history to begin with; or the fictional element preponderates, in which case `history' becomes something of a prop, a convenient series of events and fashions that serve as a mere backdrop to the author's more pressing concerns. Read more...

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