Author: Nancy Huston

Apr 2003
Available Light
by HermTnTgilde Chiasson. Translated by Wayne Grady

Douglas & McIntyre
174 pages $22.95 paper
ISBN: 1550549596
Losing North Musings on Land, Tongue and Self
by Nancy Huston

McArthur & Company
96 pages $19.95 paper
ISBN: 1552783154

Canada's Two Solitudes
by Michael Greenstein
Nancy Huston's trajectory from Calgary to New Hampshire to Paris forms part of her "musings on land, tongue, and self." She begins with T.S. Eliot ("Home is where you start from"), Gerard Manley Hopkins ( "not live this tormented mind / With this tormenting mind tormenting yet"), and Sviatoslov Richter ("I do not like myself. Yes."). All of which add up to self-hatred, Huston's point of departure. Read more...
Jun 2004
An Adoration
by Nancy Huston

McArthur & Company $29.95 Hardcover
ISBN: 1552783731

A Review of: An Adoration
by Gwen Nowak
An Adoration is ostensibly a murder mystery. But in reality Nancy Huston's latest novel is a mystic manifesto, her theory of everything written as a Mystery/Morality/Miracle Play. In it Huston/Houdini artfully slips the bonds of every convention to create a tableau vivant. Huston's opening note describes An Adoration as a "phantasmagoria", a first alert that you are about to enter a shifting scene of illusions, imaginary fancies, deceptions. Then, in a flourish of paradoxical whimsy, Huston swears that what she has written is "perfectly true." ... Read more...

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