Author: Norm Sibum

Aug 2002
Girls and Handsome Dogs
by Norm Sibum

The Porcupine's Quill
114 pages $14.95 paper
ISBN: 0889842302

Ovid de nos jours
by Eric Miller
What is it we want from writing? Some people want affirmation of a particular philosophy for which they feel attachment. Others relish technical excellence. When I pose the question to myself, however, the conclusion I reach might seem heretical in the current critical climate. Sincerity must accompany talent. Oscar Wilde is hardly the last savant to have disparaged sincerity as a literary criterion Read more...
May 2005
Intimations in a Realm of Jeopardy
by Norm Sibum

Porcupine's Quill $14.95 Paperback
ISBN: 0889842493

A Review of: Intimations of a Realm in Jeopardy
by Michael Greenstein
Montreal poet Norm Sibum's narrative poems are not everyone's cup of tea; they are, rather, bottles of wine that have been sitting in cellars, collecting the dust of meaning and growing in complexity and peril. His characters and situations are reminiscent of Robert Browning's, but instead of breathing air they exhale and inhale the exhaust of apocalyptic times. This can be seen in the intriguing vagueness of Norm Sibum's title, Intimations of a Realm in Jeopardy, which, in turn, is re-enacted in each of the twelve long, lyrical, impressionistic poems in this latest collection. ... Read more...

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