Author: Rick Salutin

JanFeb 1992
Living in a Dark Age
by Rick Salutin,

pages $14.95 TP
ISBN: 0006471463

Biting the Hand
by Larry Scanlan
Often humourless, often funny, and full of contradictions, Salutin makes little attempt to charm his reader, to write about himself, or even to be liked - the secret ambition of many columnists. Read more...
JanFeb 2003
The Womanizer, A Man of his Time
by Rick Salutin

323 pages $34.95 cloth
ISBN: 0385259468

Cogitations of a Serious Womanizer
by Sharon Abron Drache
A Man of His Time would have been a better title for the all-embracing Proustian romp that the novelist, Rick Salutin, delivers in The Womanizer. Similar to A Man of Little Faith, which incidentally won the 1988 Books in Canada First Novel Award, The Womanizer's main turf is ideas, with the added frisson of having been inspired by numerous women, "one night stands", and "repeaters", who enter and exit the protagonist's life. Read more...

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