Author: William Bell

JunJulAug 1998
by William Bell,

176 pages $14.95 TP
ISBN: 0385257112

Children`s Books
by Allison Sutherland
Some authors turn out books of uniformly good quality at regular intervals and explore a different field of inquiry each time round. Peter Dickinson, Robin McKinley, Diana Wynne Jones, and Robert Westfall are some authors I regularly check the shelves Read more...
JunJulAug 1998
by William Bell,

176 pages $14.95 TP
ISBN: 0385257112
Three Monks No Water
32 pages $6.95
ISBN: 1550374427

Red Guard and Journal Writing - Frieda Wishinsky speaks with Ting-Xing Ye & William Bell
by Frieda Wishinsky
Ting-xing Ye and William Bell were brought up at opposite ends of the world, in societies with different political systems and cultures: Ye in China, Bell in Canada. Chance brought them together in Beijing in the early 1980s and they developed a deep Read more...
Jul 2001
Whisperings of Magic
by Karleen Bradford

184 pages $14 trade paperback
ISBN: 0006485758
by William Bell

Doubleday Canada
218 pages $16.95 trade paperback
ISBN: 038565829X
The War Within
by Carol Matas

Scholastic Canada
152 pages $18.99 cloth
ISBN: 0439988101
The Gramma War
by Kristen Butcher

Orca Book Publishers
170 pages $8.95 trade paperback
ISBN: 1551431831
In the Clear
by Anne Laurel Carter

Orca Book Publishers
138 pages $8.95 trade paperback
ISBN: 1551431920

Children's Books
by Jeffrey Canton
2001 looks to be yet another exciting year for children's books in Canada with exciting new offerings by William Bell, Karleen Bradford and Carol Matas among the new spring fiction releases as well as new picture books by Ludmila Zeman, Veronika Martenova Charles and Mireille Levert. Read more...

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