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Student Writing Awards

Entries, we got entries. More than 600, in fact, from every region of the country and from just about all our universities and community colleges, and exhibiting a remarkable range of talents and ambitions. Making it all possible were: the Book City chain of bookstores in Toronto, without whose generous support there would have been no awards; our judges, Brian Fawcett, Janice Kulyk Keefer, and Eric McCormack, who put their seasoned literary expertise at the service of emerging writers; and the staff of Books in Canada, who co-ordinated the whole process with their usual efficiency and good humour. Our sincere thanks to everyone involved, along with a

reminder to watch these pages for news of next year's contest.



Nikki Barrett


Eleni Kapetanios


Eileen Walls


Craig Burnett

Marjorie Seitz




Carellin Brooks


Kristen Wittman


Julie Dennison


Angela Dawn Keenlyside

Catherine McKenzie

Nikki Barrett, 21, attends the University of Western Ontario, where she is studying English and French. Born in Zimbabwe, at the age of seven she moved to Canada after a brief stay in England, and now lives in Unionville, Ontario. Nikki is entering her third year of a B.A., which she'll be spending at the University of St. Andrew's in Scotland. She has published work in Western's magazines Apple Core and Symposium; after completing her undergraduate degree, she plans to enter a Master's program in creative writing.

Carellin Brooks is a 21 -year-old student going into her final year of a B.A. at McGill University, where she is studying English and anthropology, with a minor in women's studies. She has lived in Vancouver, Ottawa, Salt Lake City (Utah), and Montreal, her current home. Carellin has been writing poetry and fiction since the age of six, and has had her short fiction published in The Pillar, a campus magazine. She has "about 400" options that she is considering for the future.


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