2004 Some Great Thing,
by Colin McAdam
  2003 Black Bird,
by Michel Basilières
  2002 Crow Lake,
by Mary Lawson
  2001 Martin Sloane
by Michael Redhill
  2000 Necessary Lies
by Eva Stachniak
  1999 Summer Gone
by David Macfarlane
  1999 Before the Flood
by Ian Wilson
  1998 Childhood
by Andre Alexis
  1997 Opium Dreams,
by Margaret Gibson
  1996 Fugitive Pieces,
by Anne Michaels
  1996 Popular Anatomy,
by Keath Fraser
  1995 Funny Boy,
by Shyam Selvadurai
  1994 Losing Eddie,
by Deborah Joy Corey
  1993 The Afterlife of George Cartwright,
by John Steffler
  1992 Such a Long Journey,
by Rohinton Mistry
  1991 Lives of the Saints,
by Nino Ricci
  1990 The Missing Child,
by Sandra Birdsell
  1989 A Man of Little Faith,
by Rick Salutin
  1988 The Butterfly Chair,
by Marion Quednau
  1987 The Life of Helen Alone,
by Karen Lawrence
  1986 The Story of Bobby O'malley,
by Wayne Johnston
  1985 Perdue: Or How the West Was Lost,
by Geoffrey Ursell
  1984 Willie: A Romance,
by Heather Robertson
  1983 Shoeless Joe,
by W.P. Kinsella
  1982 Obasan,
by Joy Kogawa
  1981 Gentle Sinners,
by W. D. Valgardson
  1980 Lunar Attractions,
by Clark Blaise
  1979 Abra
, by Joan Barfoot
  1978 Sandbars,
by Oonah McFee
  1977 Tie: Coming Through Slaughter,
by Michael Ondaatje
  1977 Seventh Hexagram,
by Ian McLachlan

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