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by P. D.

A LONG POEM, touted as an epic, "full of songs, gaiety and humour" (as noted on the cover copy) and of news about Robert O`Driscoll`s professional vicissitudes and the International Conspiracy of Military and Fiscal Powers (which appear to he related), NATO and the Warsaw Pact Are One (Zespol Press, 64 pages, unpriced) is solidly immersed in the poetics of T. S. Eliot and David Jones. Notes galore to fill you in on all the allusive material. Unfortunately, tittle of the resonance that Eliot`s anti Jones`s work contain -- independent of the notes -reverberates through this work. Tough to tell whether O`Driscoll`s dead serious or dead-pan. He appears to be both. He`s alternately portentous and pretentious. However you cut it, his writing,, enjoyable, and -- depending on how you cut it amusing, alarming, or both.

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