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Brief Reviews-Non-Fiction2
by A. Marie Pfohl

THE AUTHORS of Don`t Say No, Just Let Go (Pulp Press, 96 pages, $8.95 paper), collectively and pseudonymously known as Maria Von Couver, have written what purports to be a guide to living with teenagers; they have apparently survived the parenting of 11 challenging adolescents. The book provides a devastating parody of all those self-help books that repeat their one clever thought in as many pages as possible. Its advice is outrageous enough to make you laugh, and I suppose a few laughs can help anyone in the twilight zone between generations. However, the jokes do wear thin eventually, and I`m forced to say sorry, Maria, I`m not tough enough for this approach. As if I don`t have enough problems trying to bridge the gap, the Marias tell me to chill out no matter what happens. My all-purpose response to any behaviour is supposed to be "Good for you"; I am advised to "get a life" and stop reacting. Weird as it may be, I feel some responsibility to warn those I love when I see disaster looming; I`d say something to a friend or even a stranger, whether or not I thought they`d listen. Of course, any teenager I`ve spoken to thinks the Von Couver method is "tubular"; but I knew they would.

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