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by Robin Britt

SOUVENIRS? T-shirts? Highlight videos? If they`re selling it, we Blue Jay fans are buying it, so you can`t blame the folks who thought up A Series for the World (Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 144 pages, $33.95 cloth) for believing that we`d also spring for a coffeetable opus about Toronto`s championship baseball sea son. With W. P Kinsella leading off and Furman Bisher and Dave Perkins, a couple of competent sportswriters, filling out the rest of the literary lineup, there`s some pretty decent reading here; throw in 300 colour photographs and it sounds like an unbeatable formula for a runaway best seller. And it would be, if whoever was responsible for the reproduction of the photographs had known a hawk from a handsaw. A murkier, grainier, fuzzier set of pictures I haven`t seen since my 12-year-old brought his camera back from summer camp, and to have images of this quality turning up in what is supposed to be a commemorative book is pretty dam close to unforgivable. If A Series for the World were a baseball player, you`d be inclined to send it back to the low minors for further seasoning; but since it is a reminder, albeit a deeply flawed one, of some moments that will be forever magic, I`m going to grumpily stick it on the shelf until something better comes along.

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