by M.T. Anderson
240 pages,
ISBN: 0763617261

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Children's Books
by Jeffrey Canton

Imagine a world where a computer implant sends endless banner ads streaming directly into your head along with the very latest pop songs, fashion tips, news stories, television programs of every kind and snippets of the most trivial and utterly meaningless information and chat with your friends through mind links. In this world who you are and how you live is totally determined by what you buy; you're no longer an individual, but a lifelong product point where everything that you'll ever know is completely controlled by the mega-corporations that pump out the ongoing feeds of information. This is the world that M.T. Anderson has brilliantly conjured in Feed, his breathtakingly chilling new novel for teen readers. Titus and his buddies are taking a meg break from SchoolT, visiting the moon to have a bit of fun. Titus is hoping to meet someone and he does¨Violet, the most beautiful girl he has ever encountered, and, amazingly, the interest is mutual. But overall the moon sucks, especially when Titus, Violet and company have their feeds hacked into by The Coalition of Pity. For Titus, it's an annoying inconvenience¨he's cut off from the feed for a few days, feels a little lost, especially since he's missing the latest episode of Oh? Wow! Thing! He's reconnected soon after, however, and life goes on as before. But the hacker has irreparably damaged Violet's receptor and her ability to receive the feed suddenly begins to break down as do her very basic motor functions. Titus finds himself paired with someone who's going to lose her life (and perhaps his) because of the feed. What makes the situation more terrifying is that he's unable to fathom how anyone can cope through life without feed? This is a brilliant 1984-like novel that will grip teen readers in its powerful and provocative indictment of rampaging consumerism.

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