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Note From Amazon.ca
In our third year as sponsors of the Amazon.ca/Books in Canada First Novel Award, we continue to be impressed with the range and quality of the debuts that have made the shortlist. From Mary Lawson's bestselling family drama, Crow Lake, to Clint Hutzulak's unsettling underworld noir, The Beautiful Dead End, judge (and former First Novel Award winner) W.P. Kinsella has again done a superb job of showcasing the bright variety of Canadian fictionls new lights. We congratulate all the nominees, Lawson and Hutzulak, as well as Christy Ann Conlin, Aislinn Hunter, Michael V. Smith, and Marnie Woodrow, and, like everyone, we look forward to the announcement of the winner.
We read to discover, and at Amazon.ca we constantly work to make that discovery possible by featuring the most exciting new Canadian fiction and offering a remarkable breadth of customer reviews and personalized recommendations. We are proud of our reputation as the best place to learn about, discuss, and¨of course¨buy books, and we are glad that our sponsorship of the Amazon.ca/Books in Canada First Novel Award can help introduce great new Canadian writers to more and more readers across the country and around the world.
Marven Krug
General Manager, Canada

Steve Duda
Editor-in-Chief, Canada

Tom Nissley
Literature Editor, Canada

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