The Other Side of Truth

by Beverley Naidoo
256 pages,
ISBN: 0064410021

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Children's Books
by Jeffrey Canton

South African born Beverley Naidoo was forced into exile in 1965 as a student. Her first book, Journey to Jo'Burg: A South African Story, and published in 1985 was banned in South Africa. She has explored the lingering effects of racial hatred in her novels Chain of Fire and No Turning Back and in her short fiction collection, Out of Bounds. Her novel, The Other Side of Truth, won the prestigious Carnegie Medal. The Other Side of Truth begins with a shocking murder witnessed by twelve-year-old Sade Solaja and her ten-year-old brother, Femi. Government soldiers shoot their mother, in retaliation for their journalist father's outspoken criticisms of the Nigerian government. Fearing for his children's well-being and continued safety, he decides that he has to get them out of Nigeria as quickly as possible. Smuggled to London, the plan is for the children to take refuge with their uncle and wait until their father manages to leave the country. But Uncle Dele has mysteriously disappeared and Sade and Femi find themselves abandoned and on the streets of London, without money or any other contacts, and afraid to say anything about their father for fear that he'll be imprisoned.

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