The Morning Star

by Nick Bantock
ISBN: 1551926210

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A Review of: The Morning Star
by Olga Stein

The Morning Star (In which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Is Illuminated) appears to be the last in his Griffin & Sabine book series. This one is no less enchanting than the other five. The layout and artwork-messages hand-scribbled on postcards, combined with images portraying ancient civilizations and figures from mythology-is magnificent, evoking a sense of the exotic and other-worldly. You feel as if you're sifting through the contents on an ancient trunk, with each fingered object promising to yield some valuable insight.
Isabella de Reims and Matthew Sedon are inexorably drawn to each other, and their attraction mirrors in some essential way the union of Griffin and Sabine. As if an all-powerful symmetry is to be attained through the parallel coupling of Isabella and Matthew, Griffin and Sabine counsel each on how to reach the other and warn about the forces which would destroy them in order to prevent this ordained second union. Cryptically written, the four-way correspondence is genuinely intriguing and fun. Once you've read the postcards and letters, you'll go back and reread them for the sheer visual and tactile pleasure of it.

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