Focus on Freshwater Aquarium Fish

by Geoff Rogers, Nick Fletcher
ISBN: 1552979369

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A Review of: Freshwater Aquarium Fish
by Olga Stein

If you were impressed with the magnificent parade of acquatic life animated in the recently-released Fish Tales, you'll find this book delightful. Mind you, the fish studied here are freshwater species, but the variety, exoticism, and beauty of these creatures makes them no less exciting than their Fish Tale counterparts. Best of all, with this collection of 150 fish types, you're looking at the real deal-live fish shot from multiple angles, with numerous images of each type smartly arranged against a white backround, rendering all of their unique, charming, and sometimes bizarre, attributes fully visible.
The book is organized into 13 major groups, with one chapter, titled "Oddballs", featuring fish with aptly descriptive names like Ropefish, Elephantnose, Black Ghost, Snakehead, and Butterflyfish. Actually, the oddballs aren't the only weird fish in the book. In the Catfish chapter you'll find the scary looking Twig, Bristlenose, Upside-Down, Petricola, and King Galaxy fish. In the Goldfish chapter you'll spot the less sinister but equally strange Moor and Telescope-Eye, as well as the intriguing and loveable Oranda, Redcap, Ranchu, Pompon, and Bubble-Eye fish.
The colours and patterns on display here can be an endless source of inspiration for any designer. What knockouts are the various breeds of discus fish in the American Cichlids chapter! Also stunning are the crimson and the steel-blue male Bettas, members of the Anabantid group, with "their beautiful trailing finnage, which is far more elaborate than would be found in the wild fish." You'll discover the magnificent Zebra and Goldy among the Catfish, and in the American Cichlids section you'll meet personalities' like Midas and and Oscar-fish with, I kid you not, mugs you'll swear look familiar.
Every fish comes with a supply of facts about its place of origin, natural habitat, feeding and breeding habits, life span, size and any peculiarities. The text, while relating essentials, is unfailingly lively and entertaining.

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