Lumiere Light: Recipes from the Tasting Bar

by Feenie & Coldham
ISBN: 1550549731

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A Review of: Lumiere Light: Recipes from the Tasting Bar
by Brian Fawcett

This book originates in my old stamping ground of Vancouver. From Food Network star Rob Feenie and his sous chef Marnie Coldham, the recipes in the book are based on the fare from their Lumiere Light tasting bar in Vancouver. The virtues of this one are that the recipes are excellent, the cuisine light, high/serious and culturally fused. These are the same virtues to be found, generally, in Feenie's television cuisine and the two Vancouver restaurants. Unfortunately, the book suffers from the same faults I've found in his television cuisine: most of his recipes require a professional kitchen and pantry with a staff of six to prepare and present the food in a timely fashion, and the description of ingredients and preparation leave out enough that they're frequently hard to follow and impossible to provision outside the country's most sophisticated shopping areas. Feenie's cuisine works on television because you're caught up in the stylishness of the presentation and are entertained by his high-energy choreography. But if you're like me, and read cookbooks in order to actually cook the recipes in a normal kitchen, it's a little defeating. The only easily duplicated recipes are the ones for the exotic martini-style drinks that are scattered through the book. And after a few of those, I'm too drunk to do much other than watch television.

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