Salut!: The story of beer in Quebec : a history and micro-beer cookbook

by Raymond Beauchemin
ISBN: 1550651552

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A Review of: Salut! The Quebec Microbrewery Beer Cookbook
by Brian Fawcett

Raymond Beauchemin's Salut! The Quebec Microbrewery Beer Cookbook is a much less elegant but rather more informative cross-promotional volume. The recipes require you to know more about Quebec's microbreweries than most of us outside of Quebec will, but for someone like me who thought that cooking with beer either meant chili or getting drunk around the barbecue, it was a pleasant surprise to discover how many culinary uses beer can have. The book also provides a thumbnail sketch of Quebec's brewing history and offers a cross-reference section that allows you to substitute non-Quebec beers. The former is honestly interesting and the latter is courteous and useful. Despite the fact that the author quotes someone who thinks that compared with beer "wine is more watery" and appears to believe that wine and beer are interchangeable as cooking mediums, he's produced a workable and charming cookbook.

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