The Smoothies Bible

by Pat Crocker
ISBN: 0778800636

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A Review of: The Smoothies Bible
by Brian Fawcett

The Smoothies Bible by culinary herbalist and home economist Pat Crocker is a wonderful book for those who want to be trendy and are obsessed with their digestive tracts. Most of the fruit smoothies-and there are literally hundreds of recipes for them- seemed drinkable enough, but I just can't talk myself into making , say, a broccoli smoothie, or some of the more radical herbal concoctions for my breakfast even if they promise to make my colon glow in the dark. But if you're into blenders and food processors, or have lost your dental equipment, this may be your kind of book. Those who think that food is something for your tastebuds and not your most southerly digestive equipment, pass by.

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