Birds of the Yukon Territory

ISBN: 0774810122

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A Review of: Birds of the Yukon Territory
by Allan Safarik

Birds of the Yukon Territory is a handsome, well thought-out edition that is endowed with brilliant photography and excellent maps, charts and illustrations. The side bars that appear on different pages outlining traditional aboriginal attitudes and customs about birds, are a delightful touch. Features, such as "The History of Bird Study in the Yukon", "Birds in Aboriginal Culture and History", "Yukon Birds through the Seasons" all combine to give a real cultural flavour of history to this study. Birds of the Yukon is a monumental work that is beautiful enough to function as a coffee table book; its text will be of interest to birders and generalists as well as to students and academics. Birds of the Yukon tells the story of birds in the north and the distinctive aspects of their behaviour that allows them to cope with this vast, unique land.

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