The Border Guards

by Mark Sinnett
ISBN: 0002005042

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A Review of: The Border Guards
by W.P. Kinsella

This is another page-turner set in Thousand Islands area of Southern Ontario, sort of a second tier crime-adventure novel. Tim Hollins is a young restaurant manager, whose father, Michael Hollins, was a powerful financier and politician, until his tragic death in a car accident. The story opens as Tim and his girlfriend escape the restaurant into the winter wilderness dodging a hitman. The tale flashes back a month. Tim is reluctantly beginning to investigate his father's supposedly accidental death, and, of course, nothing is quite as it seems. There is a spy, a Russian mobster, a former British soccer hooligan turned hitman. There are lots of close calls as Tim slowly comes to understand that he knew virtually nothing of his father's life. The story is never as exciting as it should be, and it is hard to care whether any of the characters live or die, which certainly slows the turning of the pages.

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