In Abby's Hands

by Wendy Lewis
ISBN: 0889952825

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A Review of: In AbbyÆs Hands
by Olga Stein

In Abby's Hands is a book for younger readers which tackles mature themes-birth, death, and the fragility of life. Abby has a special relationship with her pregnant dog Opal. Opal was born on the same day her grandmother Opal had died. Now, about to deliver a litter, Opal stays close to Abby, needing the reassuring proximity of her friend.
In the afternoon Abby's Grandpa, Jack, has an accident while trying to move an old tire into the puppy pen, and Abby's mother must drive him to the hospital. Abby is left alone with Opal, and it is at this time that Opal goes into labour. Abby is terrified. She understands that without proper care Opal's puppies could die. Abby must overcome her sense of helplessness and assist Opal. When the first puppy emerges enveloped by its sac, Abby manages to tear the membrane and pull it away from the puppy's head, allowing it to breathe. She has done something monumental-she has saved the puppy's life and learned a valuable lesson about herself, one that will give her confidence as she continues to grow and mature. I found myself moved by this story. The illustrations by Marilyn Mets and Peter Ledwon are beautiful.

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