Diary of a Wombat

by Jackie French
ISBN: 0002005611

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A Review of: Diary of a Wombat
by Olga Stein

This is a delightful book for young readers. Little wombat's days consist of simple activities-eating, playing and sleeping, but each day she finds some new way to amuse herself and thereby introduce a small measure of chaos around her. She tears to shreds the doormat of a nearby home, then chews a hole through the kitchen door because the people inside don't respond to her demands for carrots. When she finds the hole boarded up the next day, she bangs up the garbage can until her demands are met. She digs a hole in the flower garden in order to make herself new sleeping quarters. Next, she overturns a ladder with a can of paint at the top when she tries to use it as a scratching post. She climbs into the back of a car and tears open the bag of groceries left in the back to get at more carrots, and she redigs the hole in the flower garden that had been filled in her absence. The people whose home and garden have been invaded can resist only so long. Ultimately, the persistent animal gets her way beginning with a full bowl of rolled oats and a plate of carrots left for her at the backdoor. The little wombat has trained the humans to do precisely what she wants. This Australian creature and all her manipulative machinations are adorably rendered by Bruce Whatley.

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