Yours in Food, John Baldessari

by John Baldessari
ISBN: 1568984952

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A Review of: Yours in Food
by Greg Gatenby

Cookbooks tend to be big sellers at Christmas time, but one which appears to have evaded the radar of food buyers-and of food-book reviewers-is Yours In Food. The book has been put together by John Baldessari, one of the leading visual artists in America, best known for his photography and conceptual art. Here he has assembled a number of images of dining, taken by other photographers in various decades of the twentieth century, and has cropped them, or painted them, or modified them in some way so as to make them his own. Since this is leading-edge work in the visual arts, it won't be to the common taste. But what makes the book savoury for a broader palate are the musings on food by some celebrated Americans who have written both attention-getting prose and who have strong connections to the visual arts. Among these are Paul Auster, Dave Eggers, Francine Prose, and Lynne Tilmann. David Byrne, a co-founder of the rock group Talking Heads, also contributes a short essay that is both amusing and informative. For the person whose kitchen shelves droop under the weight of too many cookbooks, this is yet a worthy addition even though it lacks a single recipe.

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