The Great Dominion: Winston Churchill in Canada, 1900-1954

by David Dilks
ISBN: 0887621627

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A Review of: The Great Dominion: Winston Churchill in Canada, 1900-1954
by Greg Gatenby

Finally, a long-overdue book has been handsomely published by Thomas Allen: a documentation of Churchill's relationship to Canada. The author, David Dilks, a Briton who has travelled many times to this country, has given us not only the obvious but necessary, a record of Churchill's visits to what he called The Great Dominion. The surprise, and it is this which raises the book well above the ordinary, is the richness of the telling, for Dilks quotes from the diaries and journals of Mackenzie King, from Churchill's private doctor, and from anyone who has something pertinent to say about the great war leader's serious affection for this land. The book also quotes at length from the coverage of the principal newspapers in the cities visited by Churchill. This is a superb summary and a compulsory book for anyone interested in Canadian history.

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