D:Day: Juno Beach, Canada's 24 Hours of Destiny

by Lance Goddard
ISBN: 1550024922

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A Review of: D-Day: Juno Beach: Canada∆s 24 Hours Of Destiny
by Greg Gatenby

This is not so much a book as a bound TV script, meant to be, as the author says, "a companion piece to the documentary," of the same name aired on the Prime network on June 6, 2004. The documentary was comprised of interviews with thirty-three veterans of the various army and air force troops who participated in D-Day (for reasons never explained the Royal Canadian Navy barely gets a mention). The book offers transcripts of their recollections. In some cases, material left on the cutting-room floor can be found in this book, but too often the jump-cuts, which may work on screen, read, in transcript, as annoyingly brief and erratic. There are twenty-four chapters, one for each hour of the invasion day, an organizational principal that has the merit of allowing the drama to unfold as it actually did for the soldiers and airmen. The stories related by the vets are emotionally powerful-none, for example, is ashamed to state that he was, at moments, scared witless. And the book is rich with photographs although many are too small. The maps which accompany the text seem to have been made for TV-animation; they all lack scale or even an arrow showing due North. And compared to the other tomes in this roundup, the book ultimately seems slim.

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